When Is It Time For An Air Conditioner Replacement?

Your air conditioner is a machine that takes hot air and cools it down. It’s also the machine that provides you with fresh, clean air in your home or office by removing stale and polluted air and replacing it with crisp and clean ones. When this machine starts to break down, it can become more …

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Heating & Air Conditioning Basics

heating and cooling basicsShould you turn the Thermostat down in your Home when leaving your House for the Day?

If you are like most people you are always trying to cut costs around your home. That requires taking a good look at your utilities and examining them closely to see if there are any ways you can save money on them. Having your plumbing throughout your home tested for leaks is a great way to potentially save some money on your water bill. You may want to also take a good look at your home heating system; there might be some ways you can save some money on your bill there too. Many people think you should turn your heat down when you are leaving your home for the day to save money. Let’s take a closer look at this to see if this really works.

Turn the Heat Down not Off

First of all you need to be reminded of something very important. Many people like to take things like turning down the thermostat in their home when they leave for work one step further and turn it off completely. Don’t confuse turning the heat down with turning the heat off because turning the heat off could be a huge mistake if you are gone for a very long time and it gets really cold outside. It could cause some of the pipes in your home to freeze and burst and it may also do such things as produce an environment that is not healthy for your pets.

Is it Just a Wives Tail?

Many people wonder if turning you heat down when you are gone is just one of those fad things to do or a wives tail? Studies tend to suggest otherwise and that it really does work. After doing some research it was found that the department of Energy suggests that turning your heat down when you leave for work could save you as much as 5% – 15% on your home heating bill each year. If that is the case it would mean that doing this is certainly not a gimmick or a wives tail.

Studies also suggest that it takes much more energy to maintain your house at even a mid-range temperature setting while you are gone for 8 hours than it does to lower your heat several degrees then turn it back up. Why is this? It’s because heat naturally seeks to move toward colder areas. When your home is warmer that means your heat is going to try and get outside any way it can. So the cooler your home is the less that your heat is going to try and escape.

What is the Ideal Temperature Setting?

Experts seem to agree that there is an ideal temperature to set your thermostat at when leaving. This should be around 55 degrees. If you maintain your house at 68 degrees when home and use this setting when you are gone, you will definitely save some good money on your home heating bill.

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